Where beasts slumber--;
Eater of children, destroyer of sanity. I bring you space and things so that you will know how to tennis.

I go by a lot of names, but on here I go by Lobster or Zeusie. This is pretty much a place where I can spew all my mun nonsense without causing the rp community to rage and start headbutting each other.

Other forms of contact?
Skype and XKit



how come when a gay man hits on a straight man he’s a “predatory gay” but when a straight man hits on a lesbian it’s a “challenge”



why cant i be attractive like everyone on tumblr

Those moments when your muse turns into a broody man child because you can’t find his best buddy—

My Steve needs a Bucky ;n;


anonymous submitted:


You people will never understand my love for Steve Rogers. Specifically MY Steve.

Should I just go ahead and try something or do you want to pick something/plot a thing out?

I always say I’m not gunna deal with the bs, but I try again anyway.





You forgot the self served part  I have written novels of painful angsty stuff that I will never post

sharing is caring ono

Ain’t gunna cuz it’s for my canon character in Dynasty Warriors and I know I’ll get yelled at.

-flops on-
-sobs on-

You have no idea how hilariously frustrating it is to do weeks of research only to be shot down because of how dark the idea is. I tried writing a Bake Neko thing and literally cried because of how much it was hated and laughed at.
Eventually, yes.