Where beasts slumber--;
Eater of children, destroyer of sanity. I bring you space and things so that you will know how to tennis.

I go by a lot of names, but on here I go by Lobster or Zeusie. This is pretty much a place where I can spew all my mun nonsense without causing the rp community to rage and start headbutting each other.

Other forms of contact?
Skype and XKit

Roman’s always been paranoid. That’s probably why he’s lasted this long.

Did you miss me?


*aggressively loves garrett for a thousand years*

Ahhhh I found a method for drawing full bodies that works for me~

My contribution to the Valentine’s cards..





My dad and I were in a hotel and he tried the coffee and smiled and said “ahh, it’s like making love in a canoe.” and I said, “it’s that good?” and he stopped smiling and looked me in the eye and said, “no, it’s fucking close to water" before pouring it down the drain really dramatically and walking away.

Oh my GOD.

Extreme dad jokes.

Good lord…